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Devon Still is an author, renowned speaker, top podcast host, former NFL Professional Athlete, Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, and a Penn State University All-American. Perhaps most importantly, Still is Leah’s dad, helping her publicly “beat up cancer” and embarking on a pediatric cancer-fighting journey that inspired the world.


As a presenter, Devon has the rare ability to capture the hearts and minds of an audience while delivering memorable speeches, filled with actionable insights that lead to individuals becoming *Playmakers in the game of life and business. Many of the most well-known organizations worldwide, ranging from the FBI, Proctor & Gamble, Chick Fil A, and Virgin, have chosen Devon for their most important events when they need a winning playbook to help their organization perform at the highest level possible.


Devon’s book, social media posts, podcast reach millions of people every year, making him a global phenomenon for empowering people with the knowledge, skills, and tools to flourish.


*Someone who has the ability to change the course of their life at any given moment.

Devon’s Journey

  Devon Still’s life is a testament to the transformative power of resilience and the embodiment of true leadership. From his remarkable career as a professional football player to his personal battles with adversity, Devon has exemplified unwavering determination and strength, inspiring others to face challenges head-on and lead with compassion.
  Raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Devon discovered his passion for football at an early age. His relentless work ethic and commitment to excellence led him to excel as a defensive lineman during high school and college. Playing for the Penn State Nittany Lions, he became a dominant force on the football field, earning him consensus All-American and Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year honors.
  Devon’s journey to success was not without its hurdles. He faced numerous setbacks and obstacles during his football career, including injuries that tested his resolve. However, each time he encountered a challenge, he demonstrated an unyielding spirit, never letting adversity define him. The ultimate test of Devon’s resilience and leadership came when his young daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. He made the courageous decision to prioritize Leah’s well-being above all else, putting his NFL career on hold to be by her side during her treatment.
  As a father and leader, Devon exemplified profound love and compassion for his daughter and family. His unwavering support became a source of strength for Leah and inspired millions worldwide. During this challenging time, he also became a beacon of hope for families facing similar battles, offering them encouragement and understanding.
   Devon’s remarkable story of strength and perseverance touched people from all walks of life. The #LeahStrong movement, which gained global attention, united communities in raising awareness for pediatric cancer and providing support to affected families. Devon’s ability to inspire and mobilize people demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills.
  While football provided the platform for Devon’s leadership to shine, his impact transcended the sport. Beyond the gridiron, he leveraged his personal experiences and his master’s in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania to become a world-renowned speaker and consultant, sharing powerful messages of resilience and leadership at various events and conferences. As an author, advocate, and positive psychology practitioner, he continues to inspire the next generation of leaders, imparting valuable life lessons and instilling a sense of empathy and determination in those he encounters.
  Devon Still’s life is a compelling narrative of resilience and leadership. From his achievements as a football player to his remarkable journey as a loving father, husband, and advocate, he has shown the world what it means to lead with unwavering strength and compassion. Devon’s story serves as a reminder that true leadership is not just about accomplishing personal goals but also about empowering others with the knowledge, tools, and skills to flourish. Through his actions, he has become an enduring source of inspiration for countless individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those he has touched.

“No matter what you’re going through, as long as you still have breath in your body, you’re still in the game. Your comeback starts now. It’s game time!”

– Devon Still –


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